Bayview Farm Croyde Devon

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions – Bay View Farm (the “Site”)

1. Your contract
1.1. Your contract is with [ ] (“Bay View”).
1.2. The General Terms and Conditions and Site Rules are incorporated into the contract between you and Bay View.
1.3. A contract is created between Bay View and the Lead Guest, being the person identified as such on the Application Form on our website or when you book on the phone.
1.4. The contract is created when payment is received by us if you are booking by phone or when we confirm your booking if you are booking through our website.

2. General Terms and Conditions

2.1. Prices and Charges
2.1.1. All prices are set out on our website. Our prices may change from time to time. The price confirmed when you book is the final price and will not change unless you alter your booking.
2.1.2. On booking your holiday payment will be made. Depending on the price and timing of your booking either payment in full or a deposit will be required. If a deposit is paid, full payment will be required within 28 days of your holiday commencing. If the balance of payment is not received on time your booking and holiday will be automatically cancelled and no refund of the deposit will be due.
2.1.3. A charge is made for daily visitors (price on application at reception). Any visitors must report to reception. We cannot guarantee that visitor's cars will be allowed onto site during busy periods. The Lead Guest will be responsible for any visitors, all visitors must comply with the Site Rules and these Terms and Conditions and have vacated the premises no later than 10pm.
2.1.4. Charges are inclusive of VAT. We reserve the right to vary these prices should there be any increases in VAT.
2.1.5. Deposits are non-refundable.

2.2. Changes
2.2.1. No alterations to the Contract or your booking may be made without the consent of Bay View. Any alteration will be at the absolute discretion of Bay View and, if accepted an administration of £20 will be payable to Bay View per alternation.
2.2.2. No bookings or alternations to bookings are accepted within 7 days of the holiday commencing.
2.2.3. No refunds will be offered for cancellation or persons leaving prior to booked departure date. We recommend holiday insurance.
2.2.4. We accept no responsibility for mistakes made when booking and paying over the telephone, so please check your confirmation carefully.

2.3. You and Your Party
2.3.1. When you book your holiday you must identify (by phone) or list (by the website) your full details as Lead Guest and those of your entire party (booking party). No persons other than the Lead Guest and booking party will be permitted on site or to stay at your accommodation. Any breach of this provision will result in immediate termination of the Contract and your removal from the Site. You are reminded that no refunds will be offered.
2.3.2. You must identity all vehicles you intend to bring on site in advance of your holiday. No other vehicles will be permitted.
2.3.3. We regret no bookings can be accepted for all male, all female or large groups. We are a family site and accept only Families and Couples.
2.3.4. We welcome all guests with additional needs and requirements. Some accommodation may not be suitable. If your party has any specific needs or requirements please talk to us before you book so we can ensure the booking is suitable. We will not be responsible for any failure to check in advance.

2.4. Vehicles
2.4.1. Only vehicles notified in advance will be permitted on site.
2.4.2. All vehicles will observe all site rules around access, speed and use.
2.4.3. We do not have electric car charging facilities. It is not permitted to use the electric hookups for car charging.

2.5. Liability
2.5.1. We are responsible for any loss or damage you may suffer as a result of our negligence or wilful default, but otherwise are not liable to you for any loss or damage you suffer. Our liability to you is limited to the cost of your holiday, except in the case of death or personal injury. Your statutory rights are not affected by anything in these terms and condition.
2.5.2. Whilst not anticipated nor a common occurrence, we may have to cancel your booking. If we have to do so we will tell you as soon as possible and you can choose either to have a full refund, or accept any alternative arrangements offered to you. We will have no further liability to you for this.
2.5.3. We may change our Terms and Conditions at any time. Any changes will be binding upon you on notification.
2.5.4. You are responsible for your personal possessions. Bay View are not responsible for any loss or damage to these.

2.6. Use of Data
2.6.1. The data you give us is held by Bay View Farm Camping & Caravan Park as set out in our Privacy Notice on our website.

2.7. Breach of Contract
2.7.1. Any breach of the General Terms and Conditions or Site Rules by you or your party may, at Bay View’s sole discretion, result in: immediate termination of the Contract and immediate vacation from the camp site (without refund) additional charges for any damage caused or loss (of whatever nature) resulting

3. Site Rules
3.1. Arrival times are:
3.1.1. Tents/Touring Caravans/Motorhomes -1pm - 9pm
3.1.2. Static Caravans & Glamping pods - 3pm - 9pm.
3.1.3. Downs View Lodge - 4pm - 9pm.
3.2. All arrivals must call at the office before proceeding onto site. Please do not arrive onsite before 1pm. There is no waiting area on site. All accommodation not claimed on the date of commencement of the booking will be re-let unless prior notification of late arrival is received. No refund will be offered in such circumstances.
3.3. The setting up of tents or caravans is permitted between 9am and 9pm only to keep noise to a minimum for other guests.

3.4. Departure times are:
3.4.1. Tents/Touring Caravans/Motorhome pitches must be vacated by 10:30am
3.4.2. Glamping Pods & Static Caravans must be vacated by 10:00am

3.5. All departures must be by the specified departure time on the last day of the booking and failure to vacate by this time will incur an additional charge for an additional night. All accommodation and grounds must be left clean and tidy or a cleaning charge may be charged.
3.6. Keep all noise to a minimum after 11:00pm (No radios or TV's or late night BBQ's after 11:00pm). No naked flames.
3.7. BBQs: 3.7.1. Charcoal or Gas BBQs only are permitted and they must be kept off the grass.
3.7.2. No burning of wood or fire/heat logs
3.7.3. No Fire Pits
3.8. Main access chained 11pm - 7am. For vehicles only. Friday - Saturday only and Sunday of Bank Holidays.
3.9. Pets are not generally permitted on the Site. Guide and assistance dogs are permitted and Bay View may, in its absolute discretion, allow one dog per booking. Should we permit dogs, which will usually only be for long standing guests who have stayed with dogs in the past, dogs will be charged at £5 per night per dog and they must be kept on a lead not exceeding 2m at all times & not left unattended. Bay View may require dogs to be muzzled and owners must immediately clean all mess created by the dog. Charges and/or termination of the Contract may apply if there is any breach of this rule.
3.10. All children under 16 must be supervised at all times.
3.11. Some facilities have age and/or height restrictions. These are all clearly marked. It is the Lead Guest’s responsibility to ensure their and their booking party’s compliance with all rules. All facilities are subject to closure without notice (e.g. for health and safety reasons, maintenance or reasons beyond our control) and we are not liable to compensate you if we do so.
3.12. The Lead Guest and all other guests in the booking party undertake not to do on their own or permit to be done by persons under their control anything which be or become a nuisance or annoyance or which shall in any way interfere with the quiet or general comfort of other guests on the site.
3.13 On Premier and Serviced pitches, only one socket and plug per pitch, no power splitters allowed.
3.14 Please note that not all pitches will have a view of the Bay.

We are a family run business and care about our guests. We do all we can to make sure you enjoy your holiday but sometimes things may go wrong. If this happens please tell reception straight away and we will try and put things right.